OUR WINERY Gentle hills, fertile soils, sunny vineyards - this is how Rheinhessen, the land of a thousand hills, presents itself. Nestled on one of these hills is the small town of Biebelnheim, home of our winery. Even our ancestors appreciated the wealth of this landscape, laid the foundation of our winery. We have been winegrowers since 1647 - through all generations. With personality, character and persuasiveness we continue this tradition.

Our wines are witnesses to our work, our love of wine. They are therefore individualists, character types like us. OUR WINES The foundation of our wines is a careful and environmentally friendly care of our vines. These grow predominantly on limestone weathered soils whose minerality can be tasted in our wines. The classic white grape varieties such as white and Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewürztraminer are our main focus. The cultivation of red grape varieties is also rich in tradition for us. Their preparation we maintain according to the classical method, fermented in paper. We promote and preserve the natural qualities of our grape varieties: the light fruitiness of white wines, the richness of red wines.

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Vineyard-area 4.5 hectare

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  • Ideas made with wine
  • Winzersekt

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