Winery Kühling - Gillot / Gillot-Events

The winery Kühling-Gillot is a traditional VDP winery in the middle of Bodenheim. The biggest asset of the Gillot family is the generous garden planted with old trees. At the edge of it is the Art Nouveau villa, the home of the Gillot family.

Rather, based on the Bauhaus style, an event house was built in 2005 between the residential building and the existing company buildings. The entrance forms a simple door next to the baroque courtyard gate. Now you stand in a 20-meter-long and five-meter-high corridor that looks like a cloister. Two narrow glass openings reveal the view of the red wine barrels stored behind. At the front, the approximately 100 square meter tasting room with bar, lounge and open views of the terrace and garden opens. The interior design is more like a city bar than a winery. The lounge is decorated with specially designed furniture in bold colors. The all-glass front to the garden is framed outside in ground and colored lime; a dark wooden floor exudes warmth inside, through the large windows a lot of light falls.

Before the elegant pavilion was built here stood an old tasting building made of imitation truss. Here you also ran a traditional ostrich business. The building was demolished. Instead of ostrich management, the new premises are rented out to companies for events, which is very well received. The wine is the center of attention.

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