The Burgkirche of Ingelheim on the Rhine, formerly St. Wigbert

The evangelical (protestant) Burgkirche, formerly St. Wigbert, is part of one of the best preserved defence churches in south-western Germany. It has an edification history that can be traced back several centuries. The Romanic church tower of the early 12th century with its late Gothic battlements and the bay tower dominates the three-nave late Gothic church. The different heights of the roofs show the various building periods in the first half of the 15th century, and can be seen from the outside. The defensive western facade with the huge tracery window was completed in 1450.

Inside, in the high choir, many elements from the pre- Reformation era can still be seen. A well-preserved and colourful window shows, among other aspects, the adoration of the kings, the crowning of St. Mary and some saints. It is a unique example of the stained glass in the middle Rhine area around 1400. The late Gothic vault is decorated with magnificent keystones and painted plant ornaments. Many gravestones still testify the prosperity, influence and self-confidence of the former local aristocracy. A Stumm organ elaborately decorated with carvings dates from the 18th century.