Panorama-view of Oppenheim, © CC BY SA 4.0 Dominik Ketz© CC BY SA 4.0 Dominik Ketz

Rheinhessen's cities and places promise unforgettable impressions and experiences! Let yourself be inspired by the joy of life in the state capital Mainz, or rediscover the Nibelung saga in Worms. From fruit cultivation in the north through the Rhine terraces and the hilly center of Rheinhessen to the foothills of the North Palatinate mountains in the Rheinhessian Switzerland. Nowhere are the contrasts between historically significant cities and diverse landscapes closer.

The Cathedral Cities

View of the cathedral St.Martin in Mainz, © © Dominik Ketz


The 2000-year history of the city of Mainz, home to ZDF and Mainz 05, began with the Romans. In the picturesque old town, you'll feel transported to the Middle Ages, and the transition to modern times is marked by Johannes Gutenberg. The inventor of the printing press is the city's greatest son, honored with the Gutenberg monument, the Gutenberg Museum, and the Johannisnacht festival.

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Worms Cathedral aerial view, © R. Uhrig

The city of Worms

Worms and the Nibelungen are inseparably connected, as significant parts of the saga take place in the city and its surroundings. Landmarks inspired by this connection, such as the Hagen monument and the Siegfried well, shape the cityscape. The multimedia Nibelungen Museum illuminates the medieval heroes, and high-caliber actors bring them to life during the Nibelungen Festival in the shadow of the Worms Cathedral.

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The North and along the Rhine

In the center of Rheinhessen

In the South of Rheinhessen

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