Wine festival at the Beller church in Eckelsheim, © Dieth & Schröder© Dieth & Schröder

Events in Rheinhessen

In Rheinhessen, there's always a reason to celebrate. One reason is the region's deep historical roots, stretching back to Roman times and intertwined with significant figures such as Johannes Gutenberg and Saint Hildegard of Bingen. Additionally, it's the mentality of the wine region to create as many opportunities for celebration as possible, leading to events such as EXCELLENT-wine festivals and active gatherings.



Nibelungen Festival, © Bernward Bertram

Event tips of the month

What's happening in Rheinhessen? In July, the Rhine near Bingen will be illuminated with fireworks, and Mainz celebrates "Summer in the City" with open-air concerts at fantastic locations. The Nibelungen Festival will present the heroic saga for the 22nd time, featuring characters like the dragon-slayer Siegfried, Hagen, Kriemhild, and Brünhild against the dramatic backdrop of the illuminated Worms Cathedral. The Rheingau Music Festival will take place in Ingelheim's vineyards. Wine enjoyment is also a highlight: Maxime Open offers wine tastings over two days with a bus shuttle, and in the midst of the vineyards, the Rheinhessen-EXCELLENT-wine festivals celebrate the joy of life and pleasure...


The special wine festivals

Wine festival in Kirchenstück Mainz-Hechtsheim, © Martin Kaemper

Our EXCELLENT wine festivals

These are top-notch wine festivals in Rheinhessen. These wine festivals are distinguished with the quality seal 'Rheinhessen EXCELLENT'. They offer a lot, whether in the midst of vineyards, along city walls, or in picturesque towns—and always in the midst of life. Whether it's a cozy wine hike with stunning panoramas or a wine presentation along the Rhine, there's something for everyone. And often, you don't have to travel far, as many EXCELLENT wine festivals are nearby.

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An evening at the Nibelungen Festival

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The Nibelungen Festival in Worms is not just a cultural delight but a unique experience for all the senses. Germany's most beautiful theater foyer, the illuminated Heylshof Park with a stylish restaurant, live music, and high-quality gastronomic offerings, invites visitors to linger. Attendees of the Nibelungen Festival are offered more than just an exciting performance against the majestic backdrop of Worms Cathedral with top-notch German theater and film actors: they can enjoy the evening with Rheinhessen wines and culinary highlights, immersing themselves in the unique atmosphere. Besides booking arrangements, there is also the option to spontaneously dine on-site. Backstage tours and accommodation options make the festival visit a delightful overall experience.

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