Sunset in the vineyards, © CC BY SA 4.0 Dominik Ketz© CC BY SA 4.0 Dominik Ketz

Vast vineyard landscapes, letting your gaze wander over the Rhine plain while holding a good glass of Rheinhessen wine – that's typical Rheinhessen!

But the region has much more to offer: white Trulli, iconic vineyard cottages, and typical Rheinhessen joy of life, which can be felt and experienced at the markets and festivals of the region.

Let yourself be infected by the typical Rheinhessen way!

Enjoying the joy of life in Rheinhessen

Straußwirtschaften: seasonal wine taverns

Places of Rheinhessen lifestyle and wine culture: the Straußwirtschaften. Few other forms of gastronomy convey Rheinhessen lifestyle as well as these quaint establishments, which invite you to linger and enjoy throughout the region! As a sign that the wine tavern is open, the winemaker hangs a bouquet, broom, or wreath on the gate - hence the name. Here you'll find self-produced wine and simply prepared regional dishes. Come and see for yourself!

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Mainz weekly market, © Dominik Ketz

Markets in Rheinhessen

Stroll leisurely through the marketplace, take in the scents, and marvel at the products on offer - you can do this at one of the numerous markets in Rheinhessen! Whether it's a weekly market, flea market, or seasonal specialty market, the region has something to offer for everyone and invites you to enjoy a relaxed shopping spree through the cities and towns. A particular highlight are the well-known market breakfasts in Mainz and Worms, where local winemakers invite you to linger.

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Special places

On the trail of the Trullo mystery

The vineyard cottages with their distinctive form probably came to Rheinhessen in the 18th century through Apulian migrant workers. With their construction featuring thick walls and tiny windows, the Trulli provided protection from the summer heat during the demanding work in the vineyards. Nationally, the Rheinhessen "weis Heisje" or "Wingertsheisje" are quite unique and can mainly be found in Apulia. You can visit these houses during a hiking or cycling trip through the rheinhessian lanscape!

Vineyard and observation towers

Want to view the vastness of the Rheinhessen landscape from above? You can do so at one of the numerous vineyard and observation towers that stand out all over the region. Let your soul wander and your gaze wander while enjoying a picnic in the Rheinhessen style, with Weck, Spundekäs, and Woi, and experience Rheinhessen lifestyle up close!