Castle Ruin Landskron and St. Catherine's Church, © CC BY SA 4.0 Dominik Ketz© CC BY SA 4.0 Dominik Ketz

Sights and Attractions in Rheinhessen

Rheinhessen - a diverse region full of cultural treasures and highlights.

Whether you're looking for impressive structures, historical cities, or famous personalities, or if you want to enjoy spectacular and tradition-rich events. Rheinhessen has something to offer for everyone!

Get inspired by the sights and highlights that this special region has to offer and let yourself be captivated.

Impressive Buildings

Cathedral Mainz, © Dominik Ketz

Romanesque Imperial Cathedrals...

Mainz and Worms are home to two very special witnesses of the glorious history of Rheinhessen - the Romanesque Imperial Cathedrals of St. Martin and St. Peter! A detour to these two magnificent buildings is a must when visiting Rheinhessen.

Learn more about the structures and exciting experiences related to cathedral tours here.

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...and many other sacred buildings to experience in Rheinhessen!

In addition to the two impressive Imperial Cathedrals in Mainz and Worms, Rheinhessen is home to many other sacred buildings that are always worth a visit! Explore the fascinating history behind the Heathen Tower Churches of Rheinhessen, climb the tower of the Oppenheim St. Catherine's Church, or be inspired by the New Synagogue in Mainz.

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Noteworthy Museums

Museum Alzey and Steinhalle, © CC BY SA 4.0

Discover Rheinhessen Museums

From the large museums with international appeal to smaller, volunteer-run local museums – Rheinhessen has something to offer for every taste! Whether you are following in the footsteps of Saint Hildegard of Bingen or getting inspired by Gutenberg's groundbreaking invention, whether you marvel at the Roman legacy in Rheinhessen or let contemporary art enchant you.

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Trullo, vineyard towers and co. - Here you will find an overview of typical Rheinhessen buildings.

Impressions from Rheinhessen