Wine festival in Kirchenstück - Wine festival awarded, © Martin Kämper© Martin Kämper

Favorite places, favorite people, and genuine joy of life, combined with exciting insights into the cultural and historical heritage of Rheinhessen - you can experience this at one of the countless top cultural events, during a visit to the theaters and cabarets of Rheinhessen, or while strolling through intriguing museums.

The region enchants visitors and locals alike every year with fantastic wine events and unforgettable moments at open-air concerts, with visits to cabaret shows, or while browsing the many markets and festivals along the Rhine and in the vineyards.

Inspiration for your cultural experience in the region and exciting insights into the Rheinhessen way of life and joy of living can be found at!

Printing Press Gutenberg Museum, © CC0 4.0 Katja Zentel

Experience Rheinhessen Museums

To gain a deeper insight into the culture of Rheinhessen, it is worth visiting one of the many museums that deal with the history of the region, its natural-historical events, and influential figures from and for Rheinhessen. In lovingly designed local history museums in the smaller villages, as well as in nationally and internationally significant museums in the larger cities, you can discover much exciting and informative about the region and understand why Rheinhessen is the way it is.

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Burgundy Tower, © Dominik Ketz

Enjoying the Rheinhessen way of life

Those who have ever let their gaze wander over the hills of Rheinhessen from one of the many vineyard towers, while enjoying a cozy picnic with "Weck, Worscht un Woi," know that life can be truly enjoyed in Rheinhessen! Whether it's a vineyard tower, a Trullo, a tavern, or a market breakfast, the typically rheinhessian cultural treasures can be found, admired, and savored everywhere.

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Discovering the Joy of Life in Rheinhessen

Event Highlights in Rheinhessen

Every year, Rheinhessen offers a unique backdrop for exceptional event highlights that attract visitors from far beyond the region's borders. From communal activities like RheinRadeln, to special wine events like Maxime Open, to true classics among outdoor events like the Nibelungen Festival, there is something for everyone here.

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Whether it's wine festivals, wine hikes, concerts, interactive tours, or theater performances, there's always something going on in Rheinhessen! Our event calendar gives you the opportunity to find exactly the right event for your stay in the towns and villages of Rheinhessen.

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Experiencing Wine Culture

Thriller hike with Karlchen, © © Dominik Ketz

Wine & Culinary

You can learn even more exciting and interesting facts about Rheinhessen wine and its outstanding role in the cultural life of Rheinhessen on our website. Here you will also find many more events, activities, and recipe tips related to wine!

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Theater and Cabaret Stages

Theater halls and cabaret stages in Rheinhessen invite you with their diverse programs to evenings in a convivial atmosphere, where you can simply unwind from the stressful everyday life.