State Theater Mainz, © © Dominik Ketz© © Dominik Ketz

Fascinating are countless favorite places, favorite people, and genuine joy of life, combined with exciting insights into the cultural-historical heritage of Rheinhessen - whether at one of the top cultural events, on one of the many cultural stages, or in a museum.

Cultural Highlights

Top Events

TOP are the unique and outstanding experiences that radiate far beyond Rheinhessen. They are spectacularly staged highlights that take place on open-air stages with top-class casts.

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Wine festival at the Beller church in Eckelsheim, © Dieth & Schröder

More events

In Rheinhessen, there's always something going on: wine festivals, wine hikes, concerts, experiential tours, and much more can be seen at a glance here.

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Cultural Stages

"Binger Bühne"

"Binger Bühne"


Kleinkunstbühne Oberhaus Alzey

Die Anhäuser Mühle in Monsheim

Anhäuser Mühle


GUT LEBEN am Morstein

theater50stühle 1


Das Theater Streu Licht in Schornsheim

The theatre Streu Licht


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