Mainz Old Town Culture
Stroll through the old town of Mainz
The beautiful old town in Mainz
View of the cathedral St.Martin in Mainz, © © Dominik Ketz© © Dominik Ketz
Cathedral square with view of the cathedral St.Martin in Mainz, © © Dominik Ketz© © Dominik Ketz

The 2000-year history of the city of Mainz, home of ZDF and Mainz 05, began with the Romans. In the picturesque old town, you will feel transported back to the Middle Ages, and Johannes Gutenberg marks the transition to the modern era. The inventor of the printing press is the city's greatest son, honored with the Gutenberg Monument, the Gutenberg Museum, and the Johannisnacht festival.

Visit the impressive St. Martin's Cathedral and admire the beautiful Chagall windows in St. Stephan's Church! The synagogue of the SchUM city of Mainz recalls the rich and eventful history of the Jewish community, one of the oldest in Germany.

The traditional wine taverns stand for Mainz hospitality. With “Weck, Worscht, and Woi,” you toast with your table neighbors and enjoy the wine from the Great Wine Capital, the official wine capital of Germany, together. Besides wine, carnival is a cultural heritage of Mainz. The merry hustle and bustle in the streets and at the sessions exudes pure joie de vivre.

The Rhine is the city's lifeline and offers great excursion opportunities into the surrounding Rheinhessen nature on the RhineTerrassenWeg and the Rhine Cycle Route.


The Mainz feeling

The Mainz feeling stands for sociability, openness, warmth, and down-to-earthness. It is a very special way of life that makes the city so lovable.


Being there

Summer in the City, © mainzplus CITYMARKETING

Summer in the City

One of the outstanding highlights in the city's diverse and extensive event calendar is "Summer in the City"

On the occasion of the popular open-air series "Summer in the City," numerous national and international stars are once again coming to Mainz. As always, there's something for every music taste, ranging from talented newcomers to internationally renowned musicians.

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Just as diverse as the city and its Mainz residents are, so too is the gastronomy. Rustic wine taverns, good wine, delicious food, and socializing are simply part of Mainz culture.