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May 2019

Board meeting of the LAG Rheinhessen

On June 11, 2019, as well as through the supplementary circulation process, the selection of the volunteer citizen projects 2019 took place.

At its meeting on 11 June 2019 and in the supplementary circulation procedure, the Executive Board of LAG Rheinhessen selected a total of fourteen voluntary citizens' projects.

  • "Sport Stacking" equipment for the helper circle in Selzen
  • Expansion and expansion of the Wine Experience Trail via vinea at the Sprendlinger Wißberg
  • Solar system for the extracurricular learning place "Green Classroom" in Sulzheim
  • Intergenerational integration coffee with breakfast offer in Harxheim
  • Collection of family history resources of the Rhine Hessian communities with the help of volunteers in Alzey
  • Replacement hot water heater and sink mixer for theater counter of the small ART stage in Saulheim
  • Kulturhof Granny Inge: Expansion of Sound System / Financing Mikroports in Udenheim
  • Stationary telescope for sculptures Hiking trail in Wallertheim
  • Experience history: Touritischer tour of Schornsheim's past and present
  • New Adam Elsheimer Info sign on our Adam-Elsheimer-Weg in Stadecken-Elsheim
  • Fitness trail for everyone in Wörrstadt
  • Tablet meeting for the elderly and seniors in the municipality Eich
  • Signs on co-driving benches and citizens bus for senior citizens in the municipality Eich
  • Historic rock garden in the town center Zornheim