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Within the framework of a LEADER project, the 2 or 3 storey vineyard tower from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, which stands at an exposed point directly on the Rheinterrassenweg, will be opened from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Restored in the 19th century. One can speak of three stories, because in the "basement" a corresponding protection possibility, at that time for those working in the vineyard, is available.

Today, in the age of motorization less for those working in the vineyard, this shelter offers itself as an excellent weather protection for hikers who want to hike and experience the Rhine Terraces path.

In addition to facade work and the access to the second floor, the restoration also includes the necessary stabilization of the third floor ceiling. The embankment is provided with a fall protection, so that the space on the back of the Red Cottage invites you to linger and rest.

The Red Cottage is thus again available to visitors and users of the hiking trail, who can enjoy the view over the Rhine Valley and large parts of the Rheinhessen hill country from there.

Contents and goals:

  • Guests and hikers to linger
  • Possibility of using the renovated Weinbergsturm as an advertising medium for the (local) winemakers use by the winemakers for various "events" to maintain their prominence, to consolidate and to attract new "fans" of the local wines and the region
  • Use of the vineyard storm by regional and local partners for events (eg hike, wine hike)
  • Upgrading the RheinTerassenWeges.

Facts at a glance
Carrier: Weinring Osthofen e. V.
Contact Person: Ernst-Heinrich Ahl
LAG decision of: 12/10/2017
Air flow: 6,617.83 € state funds
Implementation period: 2018-2019

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