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Wine & Secco Köth

Enjoyment is our passion

Wein & Secco Köth, located in southern Rheinhessen, has developed out of an agricultural enterprise. In recent decades, the company has dedicated itself to the creation of innovative products related to wine.

Ralf Köth leads the fortunes of the company today in the 5th generation. Not only did he broaden his range of traditional wines, he also created new styles with an innovative character. As a master winemaker, Ralf Köth uses his knowledge of wine in combination with his passion for new product ideas.

Today, Ralf Köth - in addition to a large number of awarded wines - offers four product brands created by himself from different types of wine: Palio, Perkeo, Feuer & Flamme and Federino.

On the estate German and English are spoken.

Köth 1, © Wein & Secco Köth
Köth 1
Logo Köth, © Wein & Secco Köth
Logo Köth
Aerial jump Ralf Köth1, © Wein & Secco Köth
Aerial jump Ralf Köth1
Palio-Mobile Sabine1, © Wein & Secco Köth
Palio-Mobile Sabine1
Piazza del Palio IMG_48271, © Wein & Secco Köth
Piazza del Palio IMG_48271
Flaschenbanner_Wein_hell-dunkel 1, © Wein & Secco Köth
Flaschenbanner_Wein_hell-dunkel 1
Palio Flaschenbild_V-Form_9er1, © Wein & Secco Köth
Palio Flaschenbild_V-Form_9er1
Weinflaschen_in_V_Form1, © Wein & Secco Köth

About us

  • Vineyard-area 10 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • wine export

Contact details:

Wein & Secco Köth
Ralf Köth
Untergasse 22-24 67592 Flörsheim-Dalsheim