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Winery Bischofsmühle

The winery Bischofsmühle from Nieder-Olm, Rheinhessen manages almost 12 hectares of vineyards around Nieder-Olm, with the Nieder-Olmer Klosterberg with its underrated limestone soils, representing the best vineyard site of the estate. The name "Bischofsmühle" comes from the former meaning of the old manor in the center of Nieder-Olm. This was used as an oil mill and was in episcopal possession. Today, Maria Zimmermann manages the business and looks after the customer care, administration and all other work around the estate. Maximilian is 20 years old and pressed his first wines on his own in 2008 already. He was influenced by his education at the company Dr. med. Wehrheim (Birkweiler) and the Hedesheimer Hof (Stadecken-Elsheim). He is responsible for everything that falls into the field of cellar and outdoor operations and an absolute perfectionist, who - although still so young - deeply and firmly rooted with the ground on which he works every day. His concern is to make the sites of Nieder-Olm known, always following the motto: Our floors are valuable, they only need to be discovered, understood and used.

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