Coronation Annalena Baum

Five outstanding ambassadors for Rheinhessen wines

Annalena Baum is the new Wine Queen of Rheinhessen

Annalena Baum was elected as the new Wine Queen of Rheinhessen at the Wine Majesty Festival in Worms. The new wine majesties presented themselves with charm and wit on the grand stage in Worms. The new Wine Queen, Annalena Baum, is 24 years old and hails from Bingen. A Geisenheim graduate with a BSc in Viticulture & Oenology, she is also a production coordinator at the Rotkäppchen-Mumm sparkling wine cellar, and during her term, she will represent the largest German wine-growing region.

Eva Brodrecht (24) from Saulheim, also a Geisenheim graduate with a BSc in Viticulture & Oenology and co-owner of Weingut Brodrecht, Tamina Burggraf (26) from Mommenheim, a business management professional and winemaker at Weingut Kühn, Eleni Gauer (24) from Bodenheim, an industrial clerk and key account coordinator at Ditsch Pretzel Bakery, and Lena Göth (29) from Ingelheim, with a BA in Educational Science and a leading position at Weingut & Abfüllbetrieb Baum, will now serve as wine princesses alongside Annalena Baum for one year as ambassadors for Rheinhessen.

Coronation of Rheinhessen wine majestiesCoronation of Rheinhessen wine majesties

Sarah Schneider, the previous Wine Queen of Rheinhessen, crowned her successor in front of 400 guests. Martin Wunderlich from Rheinhessen in Ingelheim presented the Wine Queen with the key to a VW T-Roc, which the energy service provider provides as a company car for the official year.

Before that, the outgoing wine majesties Sarah Schneider, Anna Glöckner, Anna Nierstheimer, and Chiara Desirée Schaefer received a heartfelt thank you from Stefan Braunewell, the chairman of Rheinhessenwein, and standing ovations from the audience.

Tobias Bieker moderated the exciting election program with humor and a great sense of enthusiasm from the cheering crowds. The duo "Pineapple Jukebox" added the appropriate musical vibes to the hall.

The candidates for Rheinhessen's wine nobility showcased their qualities in conversations about wine and Rheinhessen. Each of the applicants had a very personal video to introduce themselves to the audience. The wines of the evening were skillfully highlighted by the candidates, and they successfully corrected the tricky fake news about wine, the land, and its people.

The audience was torn by the presentations of the candidates, and the jury had the difficult task of choosing between five outstanding wine ambassadors who had excelled on stage.