The 2019 collection consists of 50 wines from a total of 24 wineries. Resulting in a total of around 44,000 bottles.

Wines with personality

Origin, skill, creativity and individuality are the hallmarks of the wines of Selection Rheinhessen. The winegrowers of Selection Rheinhessen combine intuitive work in the vineyard with persistent striving for quality. Each of them has his or her own signature, resulting in a collection of highly individual top wines. 

Riesling and Silvaner wines defined by their terroir

Individual Rieslings and terroir-influenced Silvaner occupy the leading roles among the white varieties in the collection. They show the special features of the location in which they were grown. This year, the Rieslings of the Selection Rheinhessen convince with a fruity peach and apricot aroma and, despite the warm temperatures, have a crisp acidity and an intense minerality. The 2018 Silvaners present themselves with typical aromas of hay and pear and great creaminess.

Complex Pinots

The powerful Pinot Gris presents itself with different layers - the Pinot Blanc convinces with elegance. They show the region's potential for these grape varieties.

Magnificent red wines from the 2016 and 2017 vintages

Fruity Portugieser and magnificent Pinot Noir and Pinot Madeleine make up this year's red wine collection and present themselves beautifully in the glass. The 2016s captivate with a cool berry aroma, while the 2017s smell of sweeter fruits and come up with an intense spicyness. Particularly worth trying are the Portugieser wines their great berry aromas, spice and light chocolate notes.


Here you can find all wines of the current collection: Selection Rheinhessen Collection 2019

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