Voulez-vous Kardoffelsupp?

Ingelheim am Rhein
on 29.06.2024 at 15:00 o'clock

Voulez-vous potato soup?

On this culinary tour through Ober-Ingelheim you will experience the charm of the place and the Rhenish Hesse hospitality in 3 wineries. There you can get a snack and a whistle as a menu surprise.

MEETING POINT: Mayor-Bauer-Str.1, 55218 Ingelheim
COST: €35.00/person.
REGISTRATION/CONTACT: Dorothee Gries, Tel. 06132 87158, dorothee.gries@kwb-rheinhessen.de

Voulez vous Kardoffelsupp

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Dates for this event

  • On 29.06.2024 at 15:00 o'clock


Venue / Meeting point

Bürgermeister-Bauer-Str. 1
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein


Contact details

Dorothee Gries
Kultur- und Weinbotschafter Rheinhessen
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein

Tel.: +49 6132 87158
Mail: dorothee.gries@kwb-rheinhessen.de

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