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Gewürztraminer is one of the oldest grape varieties cultivated in Germany. Historical documents prove the existence of the variety back to the 16th century.

The Gewürztraminer is one of the oldest grape varietis cultivated in Germany. Historical documents indicate the existence of the variety back to the 16th century. In Rheinhessen, 201 hectares (1% of the total vineyards) are currently planted with Gewürztraminer. In some communities it has a very high importance. In 1780 in Bechtheim, the cultivation of Gewürztraminer even was made mandatory by the Leining landlords. With their project "Leininger terroir", the winemakers of Bechtheim have taken up and revived this order in connection with the first documented vineyard site.

The variety has a very thick, slightly reddish colored skin and can reach a high degree of maturity up to one of the highest steps in the German prediate pyramid: Auslese. The yields are often very low.

Gewürztraminer wines have a relatively mild acidity. Typical Gewürztraminer have a straw yellow to golden yellow color and spread - sometimes discreet, sometimes lush - a fragrance reminding of flowering roses. Occasionally one will also find the scent of acacia flowers, violets, honey, marzipan, quince jelly, bitter orange or passion fruit.

The aromatic bouquet, accompanied by a tangy-spicy fruit flavor, makes the Gewürztraminer a strain for lovers of aromatic wines. Dry or off-dry Gewürztraminer matches game pies, poultry with aromatic sauces, spicy-aromatic ragouts and strong cheese. Well matured and noble sweet Gewürztraminer is a good aperitif. Sweet Spätlese and noble sweet Auslese are a treat to aromatic desserts.

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