Silvaner for dinner

Herbal Silvaner pasta

Usually wine is druk with the pasta. But in the herbal Silvaner Pasta from Rheinhessen, the largest Silvaner growing area in the world, it can also be found in the pasta.

For this pasta recipe, some of the eggs simply were replaced by some fruity Rheinhessen Silvaner. And as Silvaner is a perfect partner for herbal cuisine, the dough is refined with dried herbs, that grow in the Rheinhessen vineyards and along he roadsides. Incidentally, the selection of herbs is based on advice from herbalists in Rheinhessen: Dost, nettle, wild garlic, dandelion, parsley, chives and dill give the noodles a strong taste and give them a hearty bite.

It is well known, that people can spend some time over arguing about the cooking time of pasta. One likes them al dente, the other one prefers something softer in the bite. The cooking time for the herbal Silvaner Pasta should be at least 10 minutes. They can, however, stay in the water for a little longer, which will increase the herbal flavour.

The pasta has such a strong flavour, one could just eat them without a sauce. However, a light creamy sauce with mild ham, fine salmon or fresh wild mushrooms, will also bring enhanced flavour and an unforgettable pasta experience.