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The MAXIME HERKUNFT RHEINHESSEN wineries work according to a classification pyramid of "Gutswein" (estate wine), "Ortswein" (village wine) and "Lagenwein" (single vineyard), focusing on the origin of their wines. It implements a profiled presentation of the wine range and understood by consumers and professionals alike.

The MAXIME HERKUNFT RHEINHESSEN association was founded in February 2017. The member wineries structure their wine ranges in "Gutswein", "Ortswein" and "Lagenwein", resulting in a classification system based on origin. This classification pyramid has been established in many Rheinhessen wineries already. It enables a profiled presentation of the wine range and is recognized by consumers, just as well as professionals.
Maxime Herkunft Rheinhessen is an initiative of leading wineries in the region.
The idea of founding the association was realized in close cooperation with VDP wineries and winegrower colleagues who also work according to the classification pyramid. The common goal is the establishment of a union of all winegrowers who are interested in the profiling of their origin Rheinhessen.

Chairman of the association is Johannes Geil-Bierschenk, Deputies are Stefan Braunewell and Philipp Wittmann.

Johannes Geil-Bierschenk
Kuhpfortenstrasse 11, 67595 Bechtheim
T +49 06242 1546

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