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They are individualists with a sense of community - the winegrowers in Rheinhessen. You have confidence and know the strengths of a good network. They work successfully on their solo career. And the right groove comes when playing in the band.

The HiwwelConncetion organizes concerts, cultural events and wine festivals together with VG Sprendlingen-Gensingen. Among other things, the Rheinhessen Wine Party Wine & Dance, the wine hike Colorfull hiking always on Sunday of the last October weekend and events under the title wein.kultur.

WineFlow Flonheim

WineFloW are 10 wineries from Flonheim and Uffhofen, who have joined forces to infect you with the passion and enthusiasm for wine and the love for their beautiful wine village!

Wine + champagne pleasure Stadecken-Elsheim GbR

The local community, with its layers such as Stadecker Spitzberg or Elsheimer Blume, has always been characterized by viticulture and is one of the largest wine-growing communities in Rheinhessen. In combination with the daily work and the great knowledge of the local winemakers, there is a long tradition. This tradition is to be honored and celebrated. To do this you invite 16 wineries. After a long time they have taken up the wine and champagne pleasure in 2016 again - the motto was and is: Back to the roots!


The companies of MAXIME HERBUNFT RHEINHESSEN work according to the classification model of estate, location and vineyard wines. It enables a profiled presentation of the wine offer and is recognized by consumers and professionals alike.

VDP Large greenhouse bottles

The VDP (Verband der Prädikatsweingüter) Rheinhessen is the most traditional association in the region. The small, fine crew of top wineries sets under the sign of the grape eagle significant quality impulses in Rheinhessen. The presentation of the current collection at the end of June in Mainz is a must for wine lovers in the region.

Selection winegrower gives

The focus of this joint program are outstanding vineyard wines from classic grape varieties and vineyards with more than 25-year-old vines. The wines have a distinctive character through the floor, they show the peculiarities of the location, but also the handwriting of the winemaker. The banderole on the bottleneck guarantees origin and quality. The presentation in Mainz at the end of August shows the hits of the current collection.

RS Rheinhessen Silvaner bottles

The RS Rheinhessen Silvaner is a fresh, dry white wine that stands as an ambassador for Rheinhessen and for the classic grape variety Silvaner. RS Rheinhessen Silvaner was initiated as early as 1985 - so it is a true cross-country skier and still a business card for the region. The community program introduces the wines of the new RS collection at the beginning of spring.

Mainzer Weinsalon logo

Mainz Weinsalon - this is a relaxed after-work event at the Mainz Theodor Heuss Bridge, where you can enjoy every single Tuesday with unique wines his very own after-work evening and get to know young winegrowers from Rheinhessen. Meet interesting people in a relaxed atmosphere, simply switch off after a stressful working day and all this with a good glass of wine - this is the formula of luck for the Mainz Wine Salon.

Vino Generation Rheinhessen Switzerland

A lot of new things in the West: young winegrowers from the Wöllstein district association have come together under the name "Vino Generation" and present their wines in a large tasting in mid-May. In summertime they invite you to a festoomend: Every Thursday at 6 pm the wine lounge opens with the wines of the winegrowers - every week in a different municipality. This is local history with the wine glass.

Logo Mainzer Winzer eV

The Mainz winemakers: They are the wine asset in the state capital. And they make the claim of Mainz as Great Wine Capital come alive. They are the wine-face of the Rheinhessen-Capitale. There are about 25 wineries that present the Mainz and their guests an authentic wine selection from Mainz and Mainz in alternating occupation.

An evening at the after-work party of the Mainzer Weinsalon

Clear the stage for the young winemakers and the Rheinhessen wine

Our travel journalist Heidrun Braun accompanied the young winemakers of the Mainz Wine Salon for one evening. Your impressions of the evening you can read in our Rheinhessen blog.

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