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Winemakers associations

They are individualists with a sense of community - the winegrowers in Rheinhessen. They are self-confident and know the strengths of a good network. They successfully work on their solo careers. And yet, together they are a great band playing in the right groove.

WineFlow Flonheim


WineFloW are 10 wineries from Flonheim and Uffhofen, who have joined forces to pass on their passion and enthusiasm for wine and the love for their beautiful wine village.


The HiwwelConncetion organizes concerts, cultural events and wine festivals in cooperation with VG Sprendlingen-Gensingen. Among other things, the Rheinhessen Wine Party "Wein&Tanz" (Wine and Dance) or the wine hike "Farbenfrohes Wandern" (Colourful hiking) on the last sunday in October. Another popular series of events organized by the HiwwelConnection ist the "wein.kultur" (wine.culture).



The MAXIME HERKUNFT RHEINHESSEN wineries work according to a classification pyramid of "Gutswein" (estate wine), "Ortswein" (village wine) and "Lagenwein" (single vineyard), focusing on the origin of their wines. It implements a profiled presentation of the wine range and understood by consumers and professionals alike.

VDP Large greenhouse bottles

VDP Rheinhessen

The VDP (Verband der Prädikatsweingüter/association of predicate wineries) Rheinhessen is the most traditional organization in the region. The small and fine crew of top wineries gathers under the sign of the grape eagle making significant quality impulses in Rheinhessen. The presentation of the most recent collection ususally takes place in Mainz at the end of June and is a must for any wine lover in the region.

Selection winegrower gives

Selection Rheinhessen

The focus of this joint program are outstanding wines from single vineyards made from classic grape varieties grown in more than 25 year old vineyards. The wines have a distinctive character from the soil they grow on, they show the peculiarities of the vineyards's location, but also the handwriting of the winemaker. The sleeve on the bottleneck guarantees origin and quality. Every year at the end of August, the most recent collection of Selection Rheinhessen wines is presented in a tasting in Mainz.

Mainzer Weinsalon logo

Mainzer Weinsalon

Mainzer Weinsalon - a relaxed after-work event by the "Theodor-Heuss Brücke" in Mainz. An event taking place every first tuesday of the month, where one can enjoy unique wines while getting to know young winemakers from Rheinhessen and enjoying an afterwork. Meet interesting people in a relaxed atmosphere, simply switch off after a stressful working day and do so with a good glass of wine - this is the formula of luck for the Mainzer Weinsalon.

Vino Generation Rheinhessen Switzerland

Vino generation

Important news from the West: young winegrowers from the Wöllstein district association have come together under the name "Vino Generation". Every year in May they present their wines on a large tasting. In summe they regularly invite to their "Feieroomend" (afterwork): Thursdays at 6 pm the wine lounge opens, serving the winegrower's wines - in a different village every week. There is no better way to discover the area.

Logo Mainzer Winzer eV

Mainzer Winzer

The winemakers of Mainz: They provide wine culture in the state capital. And they make Mainz as Great Wine Capital perecptible for everybody. They are the wine-face of the Rheinhessen. The winemakers of Mainz are represented by about 25 different wineries. In turns they present an authentic wine selection to locals, their friends and every visitor, who is interested and wants to learn more about the wines and their origin.

Hechtsheim winegrower

Winzerverein Mainz-Hechtsheim

If Mainz claims the title "Weinstadt" (City of Wine), then that is mainly thanks to the winemakers in the district Hechtsheim. Every March they organize the popular "Weinprobiertage" (Wine tasting days). The highlight of Hechtsheim wine culture is the wine festival "Weinfest im Kirchenstück". On the first weekend in July, the locals gather their friends and meet in the Hechtsheim vineyards. They eat, they drink and they enjoy the wonderful view over the city.

the winemakers of the Red Hang

Wein vom Roten Hang

The union "Roter Hang" winemakers primarily stands for a spectacular wine presentation: Extraordinary Rieslings from the top vineyards by Rhine rivr can be tasted right where they are grown: directly in the vineyards of Nierstein. A wine presentation with its own style, with class, with flair and heart in the cheerful vineyards by the Rhine. On top of the hill, so close to the heavens.

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Contact details:

Rheinhessenwein e.V.

Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 4

55232 Alzey

Tel: 06731 89328 0

Contact details:

Rheinhessenwein e.V.

Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 4

55232 Alzey

Tel: 06731 89328 0