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The winemakers of Mainz: They provide wine culture in the state capital. And they make Mainz as Great Wine Capital perecptible for everybody. They are the wine-face of the Rheinhessen. The winemakers of Mainz are represented by about 25 different wineries. In turns they present an authentic wine selection to locals, their friends and every visitor, who is interested and wants to learn more about the wines and their origin.

The winemakers of Mainz represent the wine culture of the state capital and are the wine-face of the Rheinhessen capital. About 25 wineries take turns and present authentic wine selections to locals, their friends and any visitor who is curious and wants to larn more.

Important dates in the city's event calendar are the presentations "Best of Mainzer Wein" in April (white wines) and November (red wines). On the last weekend in April, the beginning of the open-air season, the wineries of Mainz offer a wine hike along the Rheinterrassenweg. Very popular and typical for Mainz is the "Marktfrühstück" (market breakfast) at the weekly market: from early summer to early autumn, it is an indispensable Saturday ritual of the Mainz wine lovers. In addition to the obligatory Fleischwurst (a regional type of sausage), this special "breakfast" on Liebfrauenplatz also includes a good glass of local wine. From late autumn to spring, this wine bar will be held indoors - every Sunday in the Malakoff Passage.

Once the days get longer and everybody is heading outside, the Sunday is still set for wines from Mainz: From mid-May to mid-October, there are plenty of opportunities for wine tastings with the winemakers of Mainz at Fort Malakoff / Templertor by the Rhine river, providing opportunities to learn more about the wines of the Great Wine Capital Mainz.

Of cours the winemakers are incolved in the most important cultural event in Mainz, too: The "Johannisnacht". During this fair, there are two wine villages: one on the cathedral square and one on Leichhof, where the winemakers of Mainz provide their wines to the visitors. Another important event is the "Mainzer Weinmarkt" (Mainz Wine market) taking place on two weekends at the end of August/beginning of September, were more than 300,000 visitors travel to the illustrious Mainz Volkspark.


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