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While the thematic focus of the previous LAG Rheinhessen-Zellertal focused on the terms wine, culture and landscape, the present Integrated Rural Development Strategy LAG Rheinhessen has a much broader content. Based on the strong foundation of an attractive and lively wine culture landscape, the region now wants to adapt early to the slowly changing processes of population and social structure and to initiate corresponding activities in these areas as well.

The term "future region" does not only clarify the concrete focus on development relevant for the future and on sustainable effects as possible, but also emphasizes the need for action as a common region. Thus, the LAG Rheinhessen is one of the few regions in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate to show stable population development. In the medium term, however, the amount of income from residents will decline or stagnate, and aging processes are already beginning to show signs of change.

A total of five fields of action were developed for our Local Integrated Rural Development Strategy (LILE) (see figure). These are each divided into sub-action fields and provided with sub-goals and project proposals, which serve as food for thought for possible projects. We would like to inform you about the objectives of the fields of action under the heading "Our Projects".

The formulated cross-sectional objectives serve the quality implementation of the development strategy and, if possible, should be observed in all measures. In addition, the cross-cutting objectives are an elementary part of the system of project selection, as they constitute the decisive decision criterion for granting premium support.

Our cross-sectional goals:

Create regional identity

This cross-sectional objective is a decisive criterion for success. It contributes to the better communication of one's own strengths to the outside, to the successful positioning in the competition of the region and turned inwards the central basis for the actions and actions of the actors.

Strengthen volunteer structures

As a result of demographic change, there are fewer and fewer people who can or want to contribute on a voluntary basis, a sustainable future development must intercept and structure the increasing demands on volunteering.

As LAGs are confronted in the future, in particular, with the succession question for voluntary structures, special attention should be paid to pooling potential and making the population even more aware of volunteer matters.

Create accessibility

On the one hand, this cross-sectional objective is to design structural measures and new mobility offers as well as the information and communications in such a way that they can be received and understood - also with regard to demographic change - older population groups. This accessibility is also relevant for the guests and tourist target groups that are to be won for the destination Rheinhessen.

Equal opportunities

The LEADER Rheinhessen region would like to offer all residents the opportunity to participate in regional development processes. So in the areas: family and work, children and youth work as well as from the senior work all groups of people should be addressed to animate them for work on projects.

Support cooperation

If different actors pull together at the levels of politics and administration, cooperation and companies, as well as associations and other interest groups, this creates a network of all levels. This cross-sectional goal is to bring people from these areas together.

Achieve sustainability

Here, longer-term oriented and more focused on the consequences of their own actions in the focus. Among other things, the cross-cutting objective pursues a long-term commitment of workers to the region

Here the focus is on sustainable action. Ecological aspects should be upgraded and the protection of the natural and cultural landscape, as well as the biodiversity before the fo ...

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