RheinTerrassenWeg-Etappe Mettenheim - Alsheim - Guntersblum

Magnificent views and the sunken paths of Mettenheim and Alsheim characterize this section of the RheinTerrassenWeg. In Guntersblum worth a trip to the Heidenturmkirche

Between Mettenheim and Guntersblum, the RheinTerrassenWeg offers numerous wide views across the Rhine to Worms and the Odenwald as well as the Frankfurt skyline. Scenic, the route is very varied with a great mix of vineyards, woods and fantastic Hohlwegpassagen, which are unique in this variety in Rheinhessen. These give a first-hand insight into the recent history of the earth and provide a great contrast to the hilly Hessian landscape.


Distance character


Degree of difficulty

2 of 5

Recommended equipment

Hiking clothes, backpack food with enough water, headgear, sunscreen

Route guidance

From Mettenheim train station follow the path through the village, past the town hall into the vineyards. There you will meet the main path and walk promising to the Goldberg, where the view to the Odenwald or Donnersberg can wander. Gently, the route descends through the vineyard until you can first walk through a rustic sunken and a little later arrives at the white mill. From the local rest area, the RheinTerrassenWeg rises slightly and reveals wonderful panoramic views. Accurate grapevine trenching is repeatedly broken up by trees and crowned by very impressive ravine sections that have cut deeply into the loess. In Alsheim especially striking the striking Heidenturmkirche. Two paths tie the place (station), because the main path touches Alsheim only briefly. Back in the vineyards you can complete the hike with a loop through the Hohlwegparadies, but also the RheinTerrassenWeg leads through more impressive sunken paths. In the district of Hangen-Wahlheim, a detour to the church ruins of Maria Magdalena lures you off the trail. Then you head for Guntersblum, where especially the Saracen tower church stands out. An access road leads into the village and passes the famous Kellerweg before he wanders the Leininger locks and continues to the station.


The stage between Mettenheim and Guntersblum runs almost exclusively on paved or paved paths. Nevertheless, especially in heavy rains especially in the sunken roads with slippery ground is to be expected. Shadows and weather protection are only in the sunken roads. On the way you can stop in Alsheim (Zuweg).








By car: From the B9 turn onto K43 towards Mettenheim, straight on until Bahnhofstraße

Public Transport: Train connections in Mettenheim, Alsheim and Guntersblum


Parking at the station, Bahnhofstraße 53, 67582 Mettenheim


Help & Contact


Municipalities Mettenheim and Alsheim
Tourist information of the municipality Eich
Main road 26, 67575 Eich
Telephone: 06246 6917
Email: touristikverein@vg-eich.de
Internet: https://vg-eich.de/Quicknavigation/Impressum

Visiting winegrowers and hosts

The lively wine village Guntersblum

We went for you in Guntersblum and have sometimes looked at some winemakers and hosts over. Our experiences there, you can read on our blog.

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