Stilisierte Karte von Rheinhessen

The layer name is a shortening of the word "Tagwerksgewann" from the Middle High German tagwerc, which means an area that a man can process in one day.

facts and figures

Vineyard: 1 hectare Community: Sea level: m Exposure: southeast

soil types

Marl / pelosol

Clay marl pelosol

Lime-rich clayey deposits of the teritary sea

Deep, calcareous clay soil with a high proportion of swellable clay, lower storage capacity for soil water available to plants, limited water permeability and ventilation, nutrient-rich, very calcareous, moderate warmability, difficult to root through

Full-bodied, dense, rich, moderate acidity, creamy enamel. Expressive, ripe, mango, apricot, honeydew melon, apricot. Less minerality, more fruity, full-bodied sustainability

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