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Kratz Winery

Wines with tradition from a young family of winemakers

The Kratz family winery is located in beautiful surroundings in the midst of the best growing locations in Osthofen in Rhineland-Palatinate. There are many legends about the growing area around the miniature castle Leckzapfen, where wine of high quality has been produced since the Middle Ages. Today, the Kratz winery follows this tradition of top-quality wines and offers a wide range of varieties, which also includes some exotic products that should be tried once.

The Kratz winery is still a young company that was founded in 1989 and has only just begun to write its own history. Dieter Kratz, head of the winery, grew up in a family of butchers who also grew some wine on three hectares. He discovered his love for wine as a child and soon knew that wine growing would become his life's work. Today he is living his dream with his wife Birgit. The couple was able to expand the area under cultivation to 12 hectares and their daughter is now preparing to work at the Kratz winery after completing her winemaking apprenticeship with a degree in viticulture and oenology.

The vineyard works in harmony with nature. Vine care is an important part of the job. At the Kratz winery, a large portfolio of varieties is cultivated, so that a number of different types of wine can be offered. The winemaker family does not only limit itself to the traditional grape varieties of the region, but also likes to experiment with exotic species that are processed into extraordinary wines. In the wine cellar of the Kratz winery, modern methods are used to produce top-quality wines that are valued by wine lovers beyond the region.

The "Leckzapfen" vineyard site is one of the best sites at the Kratz winery today. The soils in the vineyard's growing areas are rich in minerals and, in conjunction with the unique microclimate of Osthofen, ensure that the various grape varieties can develop perfectly and produce wines with typical taste nuances. It is worth getting to know the wines from the Kratz winery.

On the estate only German is spoken.

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About us

  • Winemaker Dieter Kratz

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Weingut Kratz
Dieter und Birgit Kratz
Ludwig-Schwamb-Straße 36 67574 Osthofen

Processed vineyards

Osthofener Leckzapfen

Osthofener Leckzapfen (Licking tap of Osthofen)

Pour me another tasty little glass of wine, dear cellar master!

Tasty or licking or both? And which tap? The tap or a tapping? The site is named after the miniature castle "Leckzapfen", built in 1891 by the Osthofen-based estate and mill owner Gustav Friedrich Weißheimer. The brick-and-clinker castle with a round tower on the side is a real gem - and bears a resemblance to the famous fairytale castle of Lichtenstein. After years of decay, it was lovingly renovated and in 2011 was named the "Most Beautiful Vineyard Cottage in Rheinhessen". On fertile loess grow xxx . Legend has it that the wines were already so good in the Middle Ages that the cellar master would lick the spigot of the wine cask to get hold of the last drop.

> The castle was first called "Gustavsburg" after its builder, later it was called "Leckzapfen". All information about the landmark and its rescue by a young architect and other active people: https://kulturnetzwerk-osthofen.de/2018/01/10/rettung-des-leckzapfen/.
> The builder was the brother of the Rheinhessen composer Wendelin Weißheimer: https://www.osthofen.de/leben-in-osthofen/stadtportrait/wichtige-persoenlichkeiten

> Hike (2.5 h / 8.3 km) to the miniature castles: https://www.osthofen.de/osthofen-erleben/aktiv-natur/wandern/miniaturburgen-im-wonnegau
> The miniature castle is owned by the Kratz Winery, Schönauer Hof. Events and wine tastings are held there.  The small "hall" on the upper floor with floral-ornamental decorated wooden ceiling offers a wonderful panorama. https://www.weingut-kratz.de/
> Cf. the namesake Dittelsheimer Leckerberg

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