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First, let us introduce ourselves.
The winery Dackermann is a traditional family business since 1913, which has been owned by the family for four generations.
Despite all tradition we are young..dynamisch..kreativ..qualitativ
For four years I have been Sascha Dackermann, as master winemaker in our winery responsible, for delicious and fully ripe grapes of high quality. When we grow grapes we work very gently and only with what nature gives us year after year.

Our wine assortment is structured in pyramidal form:

In the first place are our LITER WINE. They form the basis of our product range. Harmonious and fruity wines with a good price-performance ratio.

Second is the GUTSWEINE. They are typical representatives of our winery: characterized by an expressive
Structure and their typical taste. It is important to us that these wines have a pronounced and fruity taste.

In third place are the ORTSWEIN. Our local wines come from the old and mineral vineyards around Hessloch, Bechtheim and Dittelsheim. The fresh and fully ripe grapes give our local wines their unmistakable, independent character.

Our top quality are the LAGENWEINE, whose birthplace are the oldest and best vineyards of our vineyards. The wines are powerful and expressive, characterized by the soil and the rock on which they grow. Our top locations include moonshine, Steinbügel, Liebfrauenberg, Hasensprung, Heilig Kreuz, Stein, Löwenberg, Kloppberg and the Leckerberg.

Winery Dackermann


General information about the vintner

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Weingut-Dackermann/121709631246652

Winemaker Sascha Dackermann

Vineyard-area 12.5 hectare

Other characteristics

  • Retailer
  • Ideas made with wine
  • Silvaner

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