Picknick am Wanderweg


In the vineyards around the Stadecker Warte the wines enjoy hiking where they grow. Just order a picnic backpack at the winery Hedesheimer Hof or the butchery Hamm, pick it up and head for one of the winery's beautiful picnic spot recommendations. To picnic.Backpack include: 1-2 fl. Estate wine / grape juice, 1 bottle Water, hearty home-made sausages, vegetables of the season, eggs, various cheeses, baguette and farmhouse bread, picnic blanket and directions

Picnic backpack (2 adults, 2 children): EUR 35,00
Picnic backpack (2 adults): EUR 25,00
Picnic backpack (4 adults): EUR 40.00

(Individual wine selection possible, possibly for a surcharge)

Bookable for Wed-Fri 2pm to 7pm; Sat 9 am to 4 pm and by appointment.
Order Mon-Sun until 12 o'clock 1 day in advance.
Cancellation also one day in advance until 12 o'clock.


Pichnick im Weinberg
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