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The building, praised as the most beautiful Gothic church between Strasbourg and Cologne, is the epitome of Gothic architecture in Rheinhessen. In addition to the excellent architecture, it is characterized above all by its magnificent location, above the former free imperial city, dominated by the Landskron castle ruins. The west towers have been preserved from the foundation building. The Gothic new building began in 1275-79 with the almost central building style, harmoniously balanced eastern parts. The three-nave nave was completed in 1333. The south side facing the city is designed with large tracery windows and filigree tracery architecture as a lavish show facade. On the other hand, the west choir Madern Gertheners, towering over the nave, consecrated in 1439, appears to be simply plain and, due to its enormous height, acts as a uniform, completely windowed room. In addition to the remains of medieval stained glass, the many high-quality portrait tombs should be emphasized.