Winery, restaurant and country hotel - an ambience to experience wine in all its facets: traditional crafts and modern wines in the middle of the region.

A wine producer who loves his product, who informs rather than persuades, who prefers to talk, to give as lectures. The family-owned company manages 28 hectares of vineyards in the Flonheim district of Uffhofen. Yields are kept deliberately low in order to achieve healthy, richly harvested grapes. Wilfried and Nicolas Espenschied rely on natural management. In vinification time is the most important helper. Without exception, the red wines are stored in large and small oak barrels. Long stored the young wine on the yeast. For wine lovers who want to be inspired.

Good food and good wine belong together. In the wine restaurant, top chef Thomas Richter focuses on culinary trends. Slow Food membership is concept - enjoyment requires attention. The country hotel is housed in the former old post office. Right next to the wine shop stands the wedding barn: for large celebrations in a stylish rural ambience.