Das Kleinkunst-Foyer - Philipp Scharrenberg

Ingelheim am Rhein
on 21.09.2024 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock

The cabaret foyer
Philipp Scharrenberg - Confusion is human
Cabaret & tender mindfucks

'Mindfuck' means confusion with method. And the confusion is there. In these confused times, we are constantly outwitting and confusing ourselves. We no longer need Big Brother to monitor us - we do it voluntarily! Lulled into George Orwellness oases between small-mindedness and big data, we strive for our own self-confusion. Brave new world. The greatest freedom lies in its own abolition. But when confusion is mistaken for truth and the line between fiction and faction is blurred, nothing seems the same anymore...

Time to lead us astray! And who better to do this than an artist who has always stood somewhat apart? Dis-illusionist Philipp Scharrenberg talks about the Gordian knots in our heads and takes the audience for a spin on the mental merry-go-round - despite all the loose screws. The hard-working cabaret artist uses the perhaps last opportunity to express himself on stage before the state sells it to China - and is not chi-jin-pingy about it.

In his fifth programme, the word sportsman is once again assisted by language. In poems and stories, various verses, with music and groovy algo rhythms, he sets about unravelling the convolutions of the brain. To rhyme. Because when the self-proclaimed Schar(r)latan points the way out of self-deception in his lively way, a whole new sense of confusion is created. No up-there, but down-here cabaret. A 'mindfuck' - but tender.


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Venue: kING Kultur- und Kongresshalle (Foyer)
Admission: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Duration: approx. 100 minutes + 15 minute interval
Box office: available (cash payment)
Organiser: Förderer der Kleinkunst e.V. + Ingelheimer Kultur und Marketing GmbH
Telephone: 06132 . 710 009 0
E-mail: info@ikum-ingelheim.de
Website: www.ikum-ingelheim.de

Philipp Scharrenberg_(c)Marvin Ruppert

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  • On 21.09.2024 from 20:00 to 22:00 Uhr


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kING Kultur- und Kongresshalle
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Tel.: (0049) 6132 710 009 0
Mail: info@ikum-ingelheim.de


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