Der Fluch des Kaiserschatzes - Das Ingelheimer Krimidinner

Ingelheim am Rhein
from 27.09.2024 to 07.12.2024 - from 19:00 to 22:00 o'clock

The curse of the imperial treasure - the Ingelheim murder mystery dinner

The Ingelheim wine cellar harbours a deadly secret. According to legend, a treasure of Charlemagne was discovered deep underground during its construction in 1904. But this diamond did not bring the finder any luck... High time to shed some light on the mystery! Experience an exclusive dinner and a breathtakingly exciting thriller show with theatre, magic and sorcery in the unique atmosphere of the Ingelheim Winzerkeller.

Gunter von Fleckenstein was one of 60 Nieder-Ingelheim winegrowers who dug a spade into the Letten soil for the first time in 1904. He was there when the foundation stone of the Ingelheim wine cellar was laid and worked for months on the construction of the impressive vault. During this construction, he apparently discovered a diamond, the "sad heart", which presumably came from Charlemagne's treasure. According to legend, Charlemagne received the "Sad Heart" as a gift from Caliph Harun ar-Rashid, who had also given him the elephant Abul Abbas. The stone originally came from Egypt, from the Valley of the Kings. Grave robbers are said to have once captured it there. According to legend, the stone is cursed and brings misfortune to its owners. In a unique archaeological expedition, Gunther's great-great-niece Fiona manages to unearth the jewel in a cellar under old wine barrels and bring it to light. "The Sad Heart" is now being sold at a charitable auction. But the assembled guests are soon in for a surprise...

Experience an exclusive top-class dinner and a breathtakingly exciting crime show with theatre, show and magical effects in the unique atmosphere of the Ingelheim Winzerkeller. Go in search of the dark secrets of the town, the imperial palace and the mystery of the "sad heart".

Guided tour
The wine cellar is not just a piece of Ingelheim's wine-growing history. It still characterises the face of the town today and bears witness to a great cooperative achievement. A cultural monument that impresses not only with its main building but also with its fascinating cellars. At the centre of the exhibition on the second basement floor is the original, historically preserved storage cellar with its unique atmosphere. In this multimedia experience room, the history of the former winegrowers' co-operative is told, from its foundation to the construction of the winery and its daily work. Experience a one-hour guided tour directly before the dinner show and immerse yourself even deeper in history.

Premium overnight stay arrangement
We also offer a premium overnight package exclusively for the Ingelheim Winzerkeller Dinner. It includes an overnight stay in a comfortable double room at the IBB Hotel including breakfast buffet, a guided tour of the multimedia exhibition "Cellar Comrades", a champagne reception, VIP seats right at the front of the stage, a 4-course menu, show and all drinks. The contingent for this package is very limited. It can be booked directly in our webshop.

Tickets for the dinner & show cost 89 euros, including the guided tour 94 euros. The premium overnight package costs 320 euros for 2 people in a double room (limited contingent).
Tickets are available at , at all reservix advance booking offices and from the ticket hotline: 0761/88849999

If you have any questions, please contact the organiser:

Parking: Please note that there are only a few parking spaces available at the Winzerkeller. Further parking is available opposite the Winzerkeller (approx. 100 metres away) on the former site of the volunteer fire brigade (Georg-Scheuing-Straße). We would also ask you to use the "Rathaus/WBZ/kING" or "Neue Mitte" multi-storey car parks within walking distance of the Winzerkeller.

Venue: Gewölbekeller, Ingelheim Winzerkeller
Start: 19.00 hrs
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Organiser: Kelly Entertainment
Alzeyer Str. 26
55234 Ober-Flörsheim
Telephone: 06735 - 941551

Der Fluch des Kaiserschatzes c_kelly entertainment

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