Landespolizeiorchester Rheinland-Pfalz

on 14.09.2024 at 19:00 o'clock

The Landespolizeiorchester Rheinland-Pfalz has achieved particular fame through performances throughout Germany and in other European countries and through numerous appearances on radio and television. The orchestra is part of the police headquarters for operations, logistics and technology of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and has been under the direction of Stefan Grefig since September 1, 2014. The repertoire of the 37 professional musicians is as varied as the tasks of the orchestra. It ranges from classical symphonic music to contemporary original literature and from traditional marching music to light music.


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Dates for this event

  • On 14.09.2024 at 19:00 o'clock


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St. Joseph Kirche
Kirchenplatz 8
55232 Alzey


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Musikschule des Landkreises Alzey-Worms
Theodor-Heuss-Ring 2
55232 Alzey

Tel.: +49 0673140884444