02.03.2017 The Hiwweltouren family is growing

Five new predicate hiking trails in Rheinhessen: Opening Ceremony in August

The Hiwweltouren family receives growth. In summer, five new predicate circular hiking trails will be opened:

  • Hiwweltour Westerberg (Ingelheim, Großwinternheim, Schwabenheim ad Selz, Bubenheim)
  • Hiwweltour Neuborn (Wörrstadt-Rommersheim)
  • Hiwweltour Aulheim Valley (Flonheim, Bornheim, Lonsheim)
  • Hiworld Tour Zornheimer Berg (Zornheim)
  • Hiworld tour Stadecker Warte (Stadecken-Elsheim)

All are between 7 and 16 km long.

The so-called Hiwweltouren have been developed by the Rheinhessen-Touristik together with the municipalities from the beginning as quality paths. They meet high demands on the signage and the route. Guests can be sure that the name "Hiwweltour" is a promise of quality. Since the opening of the first Hiworld tours in 2014, the increasing number of hikers shows that this is the right way to make a name for themselves as a hiking region. With the new trails, there are ten priority hiking trails in Rheinhessen that meet the high demands of the German Hiking Association on quality hiking trails.


In order to benefit from state and EU funding, all paths had to be planned according to the quality criteria of the hiking trail guide Rhineland-Palatinate and had to be such that they received the seal of the German Hiking Association as "predicate hiking trail".

The implementation was preceded by an intensive planning and coordination phase. Involved were municipalities, owners, nature conservation, winegrowers, other carriers ö.B.

Budget / finance

From budget funds of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate alone 75% of the costs for planning and infrastructure are contributed. Similarly, under the Rhineland-Palatinate development program EULLE, co-financing of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) in the implementation of the LEADER concept supports 70% of the marketing costs, so that with a total project volume of around 168,000 euros, Approximately 123,000 euros in funding will be included in the overall project. Both the planning and infrastructure costs as well as the marketing costs are financed by the responsible municipalities or associations. An investment in the tourism future of Rheinhessen.

Marketing / Strategy

Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH, like the already existing 4 Hiwweltouren (Bismarckturm, Eichelberg, Hei-deblick and Tiefenthaler Höhe), is project coordinator and marketer for the overall project and is involved in the project for the development of the hiking tourism infrastructure of the Region. In doing so, it follows the goal of the tourism strategy of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate as well as the regional strategy of qualifying hiking tourism as a major tourist theme. This is only possible through the corresponding funding support, the commitment of the districts and municipalities.


As a regional tourist agency Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH works in close cooperation with the competent tourist information Alzeyer Land, Ingelheim, tourist information Gau-Algesheim and the tourism GmbH "in the heart of Rheinhessen" on the close link between the quality paths and the tourist service providers, like lodging establishments, catering establishments, winemakers and cultural and wine ambassadors. The stated goal is to increase the added value along the paths through package deals, guided offers, vineyard hikes or even a temporary vineyard on the trails.

Openings of the ways

At a central opening event on the Hiwweltour Westerberg in Ingelheim, the certificates for the 5 new predicate hiking trails will be handed over on 19 August. The further opening dates will be announced in time.

the next steps


The next milestone is the production and assembly of groundbreaking signage before marking work is to begin in early summer.

In the following step, the appropriate hiking furniture and information boards will be installed in order to complete the project with the certification of the hiking trails in the summer of 2017.


In addition to the infrastructure development in spring / summer, Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH will implement extensive marketing measures until its opening on 19 August 2017. U. is for every w ...