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The focus of the second tourism day in Rheinhessen was the importance of strategic foundations for effective, targeted tourism work. In October 2018, the Tourism Strategy Rhineland-Palatinate was published in 2025. The coordinated guidelines are also supported by the regions. State Secretary Daniela Schmitt presented the country's tourism strategy as the basis and catalyst for a process of change that ranges from state politics through the regions to the municipalities. For the host region she finds words of praise: "Rheinhessen is a...

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Spring is the starting signal for the new vintage. When it gets warmer outside and the days get longer, the time has come to get the wines of the new vintage from the cellars. When the first green stretches its tips out of the ground, then not only in the wineries, the new vintage is launched, but also in the restaurants of the region. Then come the first regional vegetables of the season on the plate and lots of new ideas on how Rheinhessen can be discovered culinary. Because now Rheinhessen is back in season! Culinary encounters...

The ten creative minds who have been promoting supporters for their projects online since 6 March at are now heading for the final spurt. Anyone who has not raised the desired amount of money by the end of the financing phase can not realize his project within the framework of this competition. So there is a lot at stake. So far the projects are quite differently successful; the first project with the art experience Mo / Ve / ment has reached its funding amount, with some missing only a little to the...

From the 6th of March the projects are online and promoting supporters. The crowdfunding competition IdeenReich Rheinhessen was launched in August 2018 in order to mobilize the great potential of ideas and mover qualities in the region and for the region - in such a way that not only financial support, but also advice, eg on the market opportunity of the idea, and customer feedback from the beginning. Creative minds see crowdfunding as an opportunity Since the start, several idea providers have been informed and advised in several...

By the 23rd of November, those who have decided on the short run still have time to register their creative tourist idea for the crowdfunding competition IdeenReich Rheinhessen. The competition kicked off in August to mobilize the great potential of ideas and craftsmanship in the region and for the region. Ideas for tourism projects should receive not only financial support, but also advice, eg on the market opportunity of the idea. Creative tourism business ideas or products and offers should be supported and implemented. So far, exciting...

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