05.03.2019 From the 6th of March the projects are online and promoting supporters

It gets serious: The financing phase starts in the crowdfunding competition

From the 6th of March the projects are online and promoting supporters.

The crowdfunding competition IdeenReich Rheinhessen was launched in August 2018 in order to mobilize the great potential of ideas and mover qualities in the region and for the region - in such a way that not only financial support, but also advice, eg on the market opportunity of the idea, and customer feedback from the beginning.

Creative minds see crowdfunding as an opportunity

Since the start, several idea providers have been informed and advised in several information events and workshops. The good response confirms the initiators that not only the alternative form of financing, but also support in market development and sustainable networking are important reasons for participation. The innovative financing option is gladly accepted.

Now the crowd is in demand

In December, a jury of numerous applicants met with a selection of participants who, with their projects being publicized on 6 March from 12 o'clock onwards, are promoting supporters who help to bring good ideas to life.

On the contest page www.ideenreich-rheinhessen.de each idea generator presents his project in detail with text, picture and video. "Thank you" in return, the crowd should also motivate.

Until April 17, 2019, each participant has time to drum up ideas and ask for support, then the funding phase is over. If you have not reached the target by then, you can not implement your project as part of this competition, the money goes back to the supporters. For the makers, it is now decided whether their ideas will find support and thus whether a market exists for the project.

10 projects are launched

All in all, the following 10 project ideas will be launched on 6 March starting at 12 o'clock and promoting support:

- Movements

- Fine'st ice cream & wine - vintage ice cream and wine bar

- Ingelheim Crime Walk 2.0

- TIMO - The Tourist Information Mobile

- The smallest wine truck in the world

- Discover Rheinhessen in one day with the video bus

- The mysterious library

- New life in the old signal box Armsheim

- Wine experience world in the winery Heise on the Red Hand

- Live mixed media musical to Hildegard von Bingen

Additional prize money

In addition to financing via the supporters, prize money in financing grants is awarded in the competition through the regional savings banks. The three promoters, who will find the most supporters, will hand over staggered prizes at the closing ceremony of the IdeenReich Rheinhessen in May 2019.

Rheinhessen-Touristik will therefore accompany this crucial phase, especially in its online and social media, and promote the website www.ideenreich-rheinhessen.de.

Platform IDEENWALD creates basis

The appropriate platform for this project is provided by IDEENWALD, the regional crowdfunding platform for Rhineland-Palatinate & Saarland. Volker Wissing was started. It enables the projects to be perceived by a large number of people - an important prerequisite for success. Minister Wissing welcomes the crowdfunding competition Rheinhessen on IDEENWALD: "The IdeenReich crowdfunding competition Rheinhessen is something completely new for the tourism sector. Here, the tool of crowdfunding is used, on the one hand, to develop ideas for tourism and, on the other hand, to decide together which project will actually be implemented. Crowdfunding is a modern form of direct citizen participation that has great potential, especially in tourism. If sufficient funding is available, projects in the region will have a good opportunity

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Contact details:

Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH

Kreuzhof 1

55268 Nieder-Olm

Tel: (0049) 6136 9239813
E-Mail: ingrid.weigerding@rheinhessen.info