Pig paradise Selztalhof, © Pig paradise Selztalhof© Pig paradise Selztalhof

With the project "pig paradise Selztalhof" a species-appropriate animal husbandry on the Selztalhof in Selzen is to be realized. The robust pig breed "Bunte Bentheimer", which is very well suited for outdoor or run-off farming and delivers a very good meat, should be kept in an appropriate manner on an area of approx. 350 m² (hall) and 10,000 m² (pasture). The feeding takes place with products from the own enterprise, so that a closed cycle arises.

From birth to sale, the animals remain in the yard, ie the piglets are born in the yard, the runners are then held to the final mast in the yard and then sold from the farm. Slaughter and Verwurstung done in an EU-certified butcher or butcher in the region. The marketing of meat, sausage and home-made lard is then done directly on the Selztalhof in its own farm shop.

In a winemaking region where livestock farming has withdrawn, the project enriches the range of regional products and complements the regional product "wine".

Contents and goals:

  • Construction of an open hall with feeding, kicking and sleeping area
  • Construction of a sales room / farm shop
  • Sale of goods (meat, sausage, home-made lard) from farm -> animal husbandry and the way to the product is transparent to the customer
  • Increase the appreciation of regional products
  • Construction of a new branch of business, securing and generating jobs
  • Cooperations with restaurants in the region that process and offer regional products

Facts at a glance
Carrier: Selztalhof GbR
Contact Person: Thomas Antony
LAG decision of: 06/26/2018
Air flow: 119.378 € EAFRD funds
39,793 € state funds
Implementation period: 2018-2020

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