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Illustrated book of an emerging region

"Rheinhessen - Heaven and Earth"

"Rheinhessen - Heaven and Earth" is the title of the illustrated book, which was published in time for the anniversary of the Rheinhessen jubilee and is now available in bookstores. Content of the book is a photographic documentation about Rheinhessen - a region that celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2016.

The photographers Robert Dieth and Iris Schröder (St. Johann) have taken the people and the region into focus in a large photo project and captured the beauties and peculiarities of Rheinhessen in pictures in unique perspectives.

Volker Gallé (Mauchenheim), a writer and even Rheinhesse, has put the themes of the region into words and added texts with esprit and power to the impressive photographs. The result is this picture and reading book that offers viewers and readers a very special access to Rheinhessen. It impresses with its unique photographs, touched by his texts and accompanies the reader through a region that often reveals its quiet sensations only at second glance.

"Earthen, vineyard, hub, building, ingenuity, manual work, home ..." - with strong content the topics Rheinhessen are called. The texts by Volker Gallé tell the story of the region and reflect the mentality of the people of Rheinhessen - in a language that comes to the point and encourages thinking ahead. These lyrics are completed by current OTones and citations by regional writers and great poets.

Imposing views of the Rheinhessen countryside tell of the wine culture, close-ups accompany people through their daily work, play and celebrate, tell about the cultural diversity of the region in the historic cities of Mainz and Worms and portray historical as well as contemporary building culture.

Rheinhessen wine registered association (Hrsg.)
Rheinhessen - heaven and earth
ISBN: 978-3-945751-06-0
168 pages
29,90 €

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