Worms Lutherdenkmal-c-Uwe-feuerbach_uwe4809, © Uwe Feuerbach© Uwe Feuerbach

One of the largest Reformation monument complexes in the world was designed by the Dresden artist Ernst Rietschel, executed by his students Adolf von Donndorf, Gustav Kietz and Johannes Schilling and inaugurated on June 25, 1868. In the middle, Luther stands on a high pedestal and holds a fist on the Bible, alluding to the Worms Reichstag. Seated at his feet are Petrus Waldus (France), John Wyclif (England), Jan Hus (Bohemia / Czech Republic) and Girolamo Savonarola (Italy), four European reformers who worked before Luther. Wall battlements, which symbolize the Luther song "A strong castle is our God", form the accessible monument around this group. Other people, places and scenes from the Reformation can be seen on the tour.

Lutherdenkmal im Sommer