Silvanerrebe, © DWI© DWI

The 10 million treasure


Si, si - Silvaner. Nothing more than that! Matches pasta, fish, poultry and asparagus anyway - and yet, it machtes so much more. Many ingenious Silvaner combinations are still waiting for their discovery. Just lik this fascinating grape variety.

The grape variety has been travelling Germany for more than 350 years. And Rheinhessen is the largest Silvaner growing area in the world. The wine country on the Rhine has Silvaner history, Silvaner culture and great Silvaner wines.
About 100 years ago, the Silvaner covered almost two thirds of the Rheinhessen vineyards. In the beginning of the sixties every second vine in Rheinhessen was a Silvaner vine. Today that time is over, but with 2.040  hectares of vineyards in Rheinhessen, covering 8% ot the total area, Silvaner still is a big treasure of almost 10 million vines.
For a long time Silvaner was believed to be an idigenous grape variety, until scientists traced it back to a crossing of Traminer and Österreichisch Weiß (Austrian White).
A challenge in dealing with this vine is that it is not easy to take. One really needs to make an effort for it, as it is rather demanding. If those demands are not fulfilled, it punishes the winemaker with a refusal to perform. Good Silvaners expect a little sacrifice in the vineyard.
Silvaner also needs great sensitivity in the cellar. It does not forgive anything. Anywinemaker who has high demands on himself, can prove themselves with Silvaner. If you can make good Silvaner, you can make anything.
Silvaner wines are a perfect match for fine cuisine. Incidentally, this is also the reason why gastronomy has been rediscovering Silvaner - not only in Germany, but more and more in Scandinavia, too.
Silvaner has an exciting regional profile, which stands out very well from the uniformal wine styles of many fashionable white wines.
In addition to the Riesling renaissance, Silvaner has potential to make noise in the world.