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Bert Wechsler Heirs winery

“Wine is a natural product that requires a lot of effort from us. We like to do this work, because we are rewarded with wines that taste like the passion we give them. "

Wine tasting by arrangement.

Joachim Ahl, viticulture technician, took over the winery from his stepfather and kept the traditional name of Weingut Bert Wechsler Erben. He runs the family winery together with his wife Jutta, whose passion are creative ideas and events surrounding wine.
The grapes find optimal conditions on sunny locations around Osthofen and Westhofen. Here, Joachim Ahl focuses primarily on quality rather than quantity, so that only the best grapes are used in his wines. He vinifies them carefully in his 6.5 m deep vaulted cellar, where his wines can mature into high quality wines in an ideal climate.

On the estate only German is spoken.

familiehl2020, © Weingut Bert Wechsler Erben

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Weingut Bert Wechsler Erben
Joachim und Jutta Ahl
Ziegelhüttenweg 9 67574 Osthofen