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The Laurentiushof - winery Eckert

In the highest district of Mainz, in Mainz-Ebersheim, we are growing wine in the fourth generation already. We are a family run winery. Our vineyards, at the "gate to Rheinhessen", are located in the districts of Mainz-Ebersheim, Zornheim and Alzey-Heimersheim. Special vineyards are the Ebersheimer Hüttberg, Ebersheimer Sand, Heimersheimer Rotenfels and Heimersheimer Sonnenberg. For generations the craft was passed on. Tradition and innovation distinguish us. As part of the Mainzer Winzer eV we represent Mainz and the Mainz wine culture. You can find us on numerous wine festivals and events in the area. You are welcome to visit us at our wine stand at the weekly market in Mainz. Typical for Rheinhessen is our "Straußwirtschaft" in the beautiful courtyard of our winery.

Please feel free to contact us in German, English or French.

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About us

  • Winemaker Markus Eckert
  • Vineyard-area 13 hectare
  • sparkling wine

Contact details:

Der Laurentiushof - Weingut Eckert
Markus Eckert
Laurentiusstraße 22 55129 Mainz

Processed vineyards

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The location was mentioned in the late 15th century with the name "off the santgruben". The name of the single layer is based on the sandy soil that can be found there.
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The name refers to either a wine cellar, a potato and beet rental in the midst of vineyards or on old settlement remains.
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The name is based on the location on the trail of the pilgrims who have migrated from the Rhineland to Rome. Until the 19th century this way was also used by raftsmen and boatmen to cut off the Rhine knee.
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