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The winery with the personal flair
Our winery is located in the middle of the winegrowing community of Volxheim. On gentle hills under the hard-working sun of Rheinhessen, our wines thrive under the best possible conditions.
Nature spoils our vines. We trust it and do nothing but refine its gifts - for the sake of our wines!
This is how the grapes grow and thrive, from which we make velvety, full-bodied red wines and young, fresh white wines for the uncomplicated wine enjoyment.

On the estate only German is spoken.

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About us

  • Winemaker Rainer Antweiler
  • Vineyard-area 23 hectare
  • PIWI’s

Contact details:

Weingut Antweiler
Rainer Antweiler
Untergasse 14 55546 Volxheim

Processed vineyards

Volxheimer Liebfrau

Volxheimer Liebfrau (Good woman of Volxheim)

The name is based on the ownership of the Marian altar or Liebfrauen monastery. But which one? Everyone familiar with the region knows the Liebfrauenkirche in Worms, today still a single vineyard. But Volxheim lies at the other end of Rheinhessen and today actually is part of the district of Bad Kreuznach. Regional history reveals, however, that it once belonged to Kurmainz and there was once a Liebfrauenkirche there as well. IDoes that explain the name? The southern exposure with deep, very chalky, clay-loam soil is ideal for full-bodied Pinots.

> Volxheim regional history: https://www.regionalgeschichte.net/rheinhessen/volxheim.html 
> Rheinhessen dissertation, from p. 62 Liebfrauenkirche in Mainz: https://www.regionalgeschichte.net/fileadmin/Rheinhessenportal/Teilnehmer/rh-heimatforscher/Mitteilungsblatt_Alte_Folge/1953H4a.pdf
> In comparison: the single vineyard Liebfrauenstift-Kirchenstück in Worms

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The location was mentioned in 1468 with the name "uff monichsberg". The location was owned by the Augustinian monastery in Pfaffen-Schwabenheim.
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The name of the single location is based on the bordering course of the ancient Roman road.
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