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Winery Baumann

From our family winery you get high-quality wine and sparkling wine of origin, crafted and technically well produced directly from the producer - because you know what you drink!
We - that's Eva and Ralf Baumann with their two children Lukas and Senta and grandma Hannelore. Viticultural technician Ralf Baumann manages the winery and is well versed in winemaking. As a beverage engineer, Eva Witowski-Baumann examines all wines in her own wine laboratory. Thus, we can offer you healthy and wholesome wines with guaranteed origin! We cultivate our vineyards, grow the wines in our wine cellar and bottle them ourselves.
We attach particular importance to the personal contact with our customers. You will be directly visited by Ralf Baumann during the regular wine delivery tours. Many customers have become good friends over the years!

On the estate English, French and German is spoken.

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About us

  • Winemaker Ralf Baumann
  • sparkling wine

Contact details:

Weingut Baumann
Am Heiligen Häuschen 1 55234 Albig

Processed vineyards

Albiger Hundskopf

Albiger Hundskopf (dog’s head of Albig)

Woof! Woof! A dog's head for vine diversity

Rumour has it that the vineyard looks like a lying dog from the west. Indeed, the hill has a peculiar shape, but not everyone recognises it as a dog shape. Whether this is the case or not, field name researchers consider this charming story to be the most plausible explanation. On the south-western slope, the vines grow on limestone and marl with a rich clay content. All grape varieties are represented, and the winegrowers even produce noble sweet wines with great storage potential here. At the highest point of the vineyard, the tower "Auf dem Fels" (engl. on the hill), a vineyard and observation tower inaugurated in 2001 can be found.

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Albiger Schloss Hammerstein

Albiger Schloss Hammerstein (Albig Hammerstein Castle)

Castle, villa, house? Hammerstein remains nebulous, its wines do not

When even name researchers are unsure and old stories from the village are mixed in this often leads to the wildest interpretations. There is talk of a castle, a fortress on the mountain. Name researchers disagree, as a castle would have been mentioned in the documents. But there is a grain of truth in it: Remains of a Roman "villa rustica" were discovered in the neighbouring "Im Sumborn" area. These ruins were probably interpreted as a medieval castle and coined the name. So much for the castle. But why the name Hammerstein? There are indications that the Imperial Counts of Hammerstein did have a say here in the early Middle Ages. Vines of all colours grow on limestone and marl on the single vineyard site, producing magnificent wines. And this is not an assumption, but a fact.

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