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Tradition meets modernity
For generations our family has been cultivating the vineyards around Gau-Bickelheim, just below the Wissberg in Rheinhessen. The quality of our wines and the satisfaction of our customers are our main focus.

With each handover from generation to generation, the tried and tested is passed on and supplemented by modern methods. In our new production facility we are producing a new generation of wines. 

We invite you to get to know us and our wines - first digitally here and then with pleasure to a wine tasting at our winery. 

On the estate only Geran is spoken.

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About us

  • Winemaker Arndt Schnabel
  • sparkling wine

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Weingut Alfred u. Arndt Schnabel
Arndt Schnabel
Hintere Schmalzgasse 1 55599 Gau-Bickelheim

Processed vineyards

Gau-Bickelheimer Kapelle

Gau-Bickelheimer Kapelle (Chapel of Gau Bickelheim)

The picturesque chapel surrounded by vines

It is one of the landmarks of Rheinhessen: the Chapel of the Cross in Gau Bickelheim, surrounded by vines. With its red-tiled roof and warm sandstone walls, it really shines out. The single vineyard is named after the place of worship. The "Oberschultheiss Johann Jakob Hees zu Gau-Böckelheim" donated half of his precious vineyard in 1755 for the construction of the chapel. Various grape varieties grow on clay marl and limestone. Fourteen Stations of the Cross line the path from the village to the Chapel of the Cross, through this single vineyard.

> Info about the Kreuzkapelle Gau-Bickelheim: https://www.regionalgeschichte.net/rheinhessen/gau-bickelheim/kulturdenkmaeler/kreuzkapelle.html
> Also discover the nearby Via Vinea route; for hikers, Nordic walkers and skaters https://www.rheinhessen.de/a-via-vinea
> Why the writing "1250" on the photos? The photos were taken in 2021, the anniversary year of the village of Gau-Bickelheim. 

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