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Winery Biegler & Brand


Two with one goal: wine that tastes good

Behind the winery Biegler & Brand are two traditional wineries with best locations: Andreas Biegler with the winery Andreashof in Dorn-Dürkheim and Petra Brand with the winery Stephan-Brand in Alzey. Both wineries are known to their longtime customers for the quality of their wines and the friendly and familiar service. The wines with the label Biegler & Brand combine the best of two wineries in one.
"Not only love for one another connects us, but also the love for wine and our demands on its quality. Together we want to offer you wines that taste good. And a service that leaves nothing to be desired. "
With our wines, we know that we live up to these expectations. And in all lines. Whether simple Schoppenwein, classic, terroir or premium wine, you can always look forward to delicious drops.

But best of all, convince yourself at a wine tasting.

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About us

  • sparkling wine
  • Delicatessen ideas made from wine

Contact details:

Weingut Biegler & Brand
Petra Brand
Mainzer Straße 8- 12 55232 Alzey

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Gästehaus Birkenhof im Weingut Biegler & Brand

Double Room


With rustic cosiness and a great deal of comfort, our Guesthouse Birkenhof welcomes you directly to our Biegler & Brand vineyard. Only 500 metres, a stone's throw, so to speak, from the centre of Alzey, you can enjoy typical Rhine-Hessian hospitality and cosy comfort here. The guesthouse is located in the middle of a traditional winery, where you can experience the typical hustle and bustle of a vineyard really close. 


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Weinhotel Kaisergarten

Lobby mit Klavier


Charming, cultural, stylish and very personal.
The "Weinhotel Kaisergarten" welcomes its guests in the heart of the "Nibelungenstadt" Alzey.
47 generously designed guest rooms, 3 event rooms, wine bar and sauna.
This private hotel offers every guest a welcome, soothing time out and a beautiful "home for a while". In the wine store you will find our wines of the winery Biegler & Brand and accessories around wine. Find your favorite wine at an exclusive wine tasting from our own winery.
Arrive, park carefree in the outdoor parking space free of charge and enjoy the savoir vivre of the hotel.


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