Winery Dörrschuck - Schlossgartenhof

The family and the wine are our priority. There are currently three generations living on the estate. The two youngest Mia and Lilly provide a lot of life on the farm. As a winemaker Meik has turned his hobby into a profession. Whether the work in the vineyard or the right knack for the wines in the cellar. He is involved with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. Britta's empire is the new wine shop as well as the organization of events in the winery. Britta's youngest brother Stefan takes care of the marketing of the wines.
Since May 2015, our wine store has been awarded the "Rheinhessen" quality seal.
Here you will find delicious wines and sparkling wines, many gift ideas around the wine. Opening hours: Tuesdays 10-12 and 16-18, Fridays 10-18 and Saturdays 10-14 (Jan-Mar) 10-17 (Apr-Dec). Gladly we are also outside the opening hours for you - whenever the gate is open or by telephone agreement.

On the estate English and German are spoke.


About us

  • Winemaker Meik Dörrschuck
  • sparkling wine
  • Delicatessen ideas made from wine
  • mulled wine

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Weingut Dörrschuck - Schlossgartenhof
Meik Dörrschuck
Untergasse 9 55291 Saulheim

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Vinothek Schloßgartenhof - Weingut Dörrschuck

Vinothek Weingut Schloßgartenhof

The winery stands on historical ground and soil. In the middle ages there was a castle in immediate proximity. According to stories it was the local domicile of knight Hundt, the present landmark of Saulheim. The garden of the castle at that time was situated under today's winery walls. The knight also leaves his traces behind in the winemaker's courtyard: sparkling wine line bears his name and makes the wine village Saulheim popular across its borders. The Dörrschuck family are deeply rooted in their home community. Right now there live three generations in the winery. Britta and Meik run the winery. They are supported by Brittas brother Stefan. The winery and the vinotheque are also perfectly suitable for private celebrations and events.

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Winery Dörrschuck - Schlossgartenhof

Winery Dörrschuck - Schlossgartenhof

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Processed vineyards

Saulheimer Hölle

Saulheimer Hölle

Limestone hell: Sun-kissed vines, cool limestone aromas  

Yes, the vineyard is south-facing and sun-drenched. However, the name does not mean that it is a  sinking hot hell. "Hell" rather refers to a gentle slope. The site was mentioned in documents in the mid-15th century with the name "uff helden" and at the end of the 17th century with the name "zu höllen". Clay marl and fertile loess are found here as a base. The subsoil is limestone, which is predestined for top Rieslings and Pinot Noirs. As early as 1963, the Saulheimer Ortschronik wrote: "The Nieder-Saulheimer wine is powerful, of exceptional quality and purity. The top wines from the Zu Höllen, Probstey, Hauben and Norenberg vineyards deserve special mention."

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