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Winery Gerold Spies-Inh. Tobias Leib

Wines. Matured on a unique soil.
Our winery is located in the heart of Rheinhessen, the largest German wine-growing region. For 5 years now, we, Tobias and Svenja Leib, have been running the traditional winery Gerold Spies in Dittelsheim-Hessloch. Our company stands for passion for viticulture, many years of experience combined with the latest knowledge, the production of wines of outstanding quality - consistently and every year anew!
The focus of our production is on classic national and international grape varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot - grown on the various soils of the favored locations around Dittelsheim-Hessloch. To the point, highly aromatic grapes are the foundation of our wines. With expertise and intuition we produce expressive wines of international style.

On the estate English and German is spoken.


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© Weingut Gerold Spies-Inh. Tobias Leib

About us

  • Winemaker Tobias Leib
  • Vineyard-area 22 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine
  • wine export

Contact details:

Weingut Gerold Spies
Tobias Leib
Flachsgasse 2 67596 Dittelsheim-Heßloch

Processed vineyards

Bechtheimer Hasensprung

Bechtheimer Hasensprung (Hare jump of Bechtheim)

Long ear, deep well? Definitely a large diversity of varieties

Another very popular vineyard name in the German wine countries: “Hasensprung” (Engl: hare jump). There are various interpretations: Either the name comes from the Middle High German word "spring/sprung" and means spring or well. Or the location refers to the animal hare, which was or is abundant there and stands for fertility. Various grape varieties grow on the very fertile loess soil: great Riesling, fantastic Pinots, just as well as new grape varieties.

  • Discover the other single vineyard of Bechtheim: GeyersbergRosengartenStein
  • Discover the "Wine Festival on the Pilgrims' Path", with the "Rheinhessen AUSGEZEICHNET" seal of quality.
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Dittelsheimer Leckerberg

Dittelsheimer Leckerberg

Oh, how delicious, this vineyard, these wines!

One of the most melodious vineyards in Rheinhessen - and no one really knows where the name comes from! The Middle High German word "lecken" is derived from the Old High German "lecchōn" and refers to something particularly tasty. Does it refer to the tasyts wines? The salt licks for game? Or something completely different? The vineyard was first documented in 1562 with the name "im Leckerberg". The vines grow on terraced slopes above the village on a wide variety of soils such as chalky loam, loess or marl; created by wind drifts and soil erosion from the Kloppberg. Therefore, the wines, Riesling, Pinots and more, show very different styles.

> To the other two single vineyard sites in Dittelheim: Geiersberg and Kloppberg
> To the theme hike Kloppberg https://www.rheinhessen.de/e-wanderung-themen-wanderung-kloppberg
> To the theme hike: Bonerz-Weg https://www.tourismus-alzey-worms.de/wf/entdecken/wandern/naturerlebnis-themenwege.php#anchor_3ca6f54f_Accordion-1-BohnErzWeg-----Rheinhessen-mit--H-Erz-erleben--Strecke-9-5-km-
> Dittelsheim is known for its Heidenturm church: https://blog.rheinhessen.de/orient-rheinhessen-heidenturmkirchen/

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The location was mentioned in a document in 1297 with the name "munchouen". The basic word can go back to "Hufe" as well as "Hof". The name is based on the property of a monastery.
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