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Winery Groebe at the mountain monastery

Three generations work in the vineyard Groebe at the Bergkloster. Together we are a team that benefits from each other's strengths. Together we are always there for you The soil is our most valuable asset. Maintaining it and treating it in such a way that following generations have a good basis to continue working is our obligation. Therefore, in 1991, the decision was made for the controlled environmentally friendly viticulture. A few years ago we went one step further. With the harvest 2007 the conversion to the ecological viticulture was completed. This means abandoning the use of chemically synthesized fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. The production of a near-natural product, according to the latest findings of science and research, which you can enjoy without hesitation, is our goal. This also means that everything comes from a single source in our winery, from cultivation to vinification to distribution. We are winemakers of conviction and passion. Share and enjoy with us the joy of wine and life.

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