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Winery Hessert

Our winery is located in the beautiful Rheinhessen hill country between Bingen and Bad Kreuznach. Taunus, Hunsrück and Palatinate Forest protect the vineyards from cold winds. The nearby rivers Rhine and Nahe provide for a favoured microclimate. The diversity of our soils and thus the variety of our wines is unique in Rheinhessen.
As a family winery it is important for us to have everything in our hands. Our quality is produced in the vineyard. In the cellar, it is necessary to obtain this in order to bring the best possible product in the bottle. The passion and the special feeling for the wine connect us, it is not just about maintaining our business and developing it.
Our commitment always goes further than pure necessity requires.

English speaking visitors are welcome.

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About us

  • Winemaker Christian Hessert
  • Vineyard-area 20 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine
  • wine export

Contact details:

Weingut Hessert
Christian & Corinna Hessert
Weinbergstraße 2 55457 Horrweiler

Processed vineyards

Horrweiler Gewürzgärtchen

Horrweiler Gewürzgärtchen (Spice garden of Horrweiler)

Spicy? Nowadays rather fruity and melting

What a lovely idea: the name is based on the former use of the vineyard as a spice garden. What might have blossomed and smelled there? Lavender? Mint? Chives? On deep, lime- and nutrient-rich soil with a high clay content, grape varieties of all kinds grow here today. The wines are dense and melting in the glass, fruity, with moderate acidity. The two vineyard swings Horrweiler and Welgesheim are located at the edges of the single vineyard site and invite you to relax.

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