wine roof, © Weingut Jean Buscher© Weingut Jean Buscher

Winery Jean Buscher

Jean Raphael Buscher and his wife Nicole set a completely new course and adopt the system of the four-tier quality pyramid. Experience the unique fascination Rosenmuskateller: red wine, pulp brandy and Trockenbeerenauslese! Exclusive to Jean Buscher: Sleeping Beauty ® creations, Nibelungencuvée®, Kometenwein® and St. Jakobus Pilgerwein® Limited New 2014: The "PANIKSYLVANER" by Udo Lindenberg.

Jean_Buscher_Terrasse, © Weingut Jean Buscher
wine roof, © Weingut Jean Buscher
wine roof
Jean Buscher, © Weingut Jean Buscher
Jean Buscher
Jean_Buscher_Sektglaeser, © Weingut Jean Buscher
Jean_Buscher_Veranstaltungsraum, © Weingut Jean Buscher

About us

  • Winemaker Matthias Schanz
  • Vineyard-area 16 hectare
  • specialist trade

Contact details:

Weingut Jean Buscher
Jean Michael und Jean Raphael Buscher
Wormser Straße 4-6 67595 Bechtheim

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Winery Jean Buscher

Jean_Buscher_Terrasse, © Weingut Jean Buscher

Winery Jean Buscher

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